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Swedish Massage

Use of gentle, relaxing strokes that achieve improved circulation & relief of stress & tension.

Deep Tissue​

Slower, deeper strokes used to penetrate soft tissue to alleviate more pertinent issues of pain & limited mobility.

Medical Massage

Combination of strokes used to address pain management & treat specific conditions such as repetitive strain injuries (RSI); fibromyalgia; TMJ and migraines in order to reduce pain, discomfort, increase range of motion & provide blood circulation to aid in the healing process. This modality can incorporate varying types of pressure based upon your diagnosis and current levels of pain and discomfort.

Manual Lymph Drainage

This is a medical modality which serves to support and protect our Lymphatic system which is a key component of our immune system. This is a gentle form of bodywork that is NOT traditional massage. Long, gentle, flowing strokes follow the path of your lymphatic system, restoring the fluidity  & trandposrt of our lymph fluid, helping to clear out toxins and debris at the nodes thus promoting drainage and healing. This is a great pre and post operative treatment to assist in your overall healing time.

Can be used pre/post event, or as a supplement to training regimen. All variations geared towards enhancing conditioning & performance.
Craniosacral Therapy

 (CST) is a gentle, non-invasive form of Fascial bodywork that can create dramatic changes in your body and life. CST releases restrictions deep within the body to relieve pain and dysfunction, which allows your body to do what it does best- self correct and heal.  MORE.....


Cupping is a form of bodywork that promotes healing of soft tissue and relaxation of the nervous system

through decompression of our soft tissue. This is achieved through using vacuum suction; your therapist places a cup on the targeted area, & uses a rubber pump to create suction of your skin into that cup, lifting underlying soft tissue. This creates an increase in circulation and oxygenation of the blood. It can decrease toxins in our blood, and disrupts pain signals, creating an opportunity for new nerve pathways to open up, changing how our brain reacts to pain and discomfort.

Therapeutic Massage

60 Minute massage that combines cupping, hot stones and traditional massage to address your specific needs. The cups and stones will be utilized on your areas of concern throughout the session. You and your therapist will determine what areas need this extra attention.

Chakra Balancing Massage

Modality of massage of your choice, ended with chakra balancing treatment. This utilizes corresponding gem stones placed at each of the seven chakra locations to find imbalances in the chakras and helps to re-align the energetic flow. Chakras are energetic points in the body that are located along the mid line of our bodies that start at our root (groin) to end at our crown (head.) These energetic points correspond to major nerve centers and organs, and keep us balanced when they are opened or aligned.

Aromatherapy Massage

Add a 100% essential oil aromatherapy blend of your choice into a regular massage. Choose from: Immune support, detoxofication, enegrizing, relaxing, headache relief, sinus relief.
Trigger Point Therapy

Deep static pressure applied to specific points in muscles to release areas of hyper-irritability that cause pain locally or radiate to other areas of the body.
Pre / Post Natal

Gentle, Swedish techniques used to alleviate the emotional & physical stressors associated with pregnancy. (Note: prenatal offered after 1st trimester. Post natal offered immediately following a uncomplicated pregnancy.)

Hot Stone Massage

 A specialty massage that uses smooth, heated basalt stones that absorb and retain heat well. It is not simply the "gliding" of heated stones lightly upon the surface of the skin, but rather the stones are used as tools to deliver effective tissue and muscle massage at a pressure level comfortable to the client. The heat from the stones relaxes muscles and increases the blood flow to the area being worked on; this further accelerates the healing process.


Provided by a NYS Certified Reflexologist, deep acupressure & massage techniques are applied to specific points on the feet, hands and ears that are believed to correspond to organs & tissues throughout the body in an effort to bring about balance in the body.

Revitalizing Foot Treatment

30 minutes of bliss for your feet and lower legs comes in the form of hot towels, massage, and a gentle exfoliation scrub.  This treatment softens and conditions your calloused and tired feet, while relaxing your body and mind.

Sinus Relief Treatment

Relieve sinus discomfort with this 30 minute session that includes aromatherapy, hot/cold packs, massage and acupressure.  These combined techniques will promote drainage, and relieve pain and pressure, as well as relaxing your whole body.

Soothing Scalp Treatment

Revitalizing & conditioning aromatherapy oils are massaged deep into scalp & hair, addressing such issues as TMJD, sinus conditions & headaches. Hair oils are blended with essential oils to address oily, dry or normal hair- you choose the one specific to your needs. Hot, wet towels help the oils penetrate deep into the hair shaft. Oils are intentionally left on hair post session to enhance conditioning effect.


Corporate Chair Massage

We can provide chair massages at your office, workplace and at special events.

Your employees will rest comfortably in our massage chair and receive a 10-20 minute massage that will relax and recharge them to take on the rest of their day! We can provide a one-time chair massage or become a regular employee benefit for your company. Studies show that a person can begin to de stress in just 5 minutes, with lasting effects for the rest of their day. Chair massage at the workplace will promote health and relaxation, prevent injury, and increase productivity for both employees and management.

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