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Your journey to better health begins simply: with YOU

Look. There are a lot of people who will tell you a lot of things that they say will lead you into better state of mental and physical health. A lot of kind, well-intentioned people. People who have “been there.” Practitioners who have “done that.”

The truth is there is no magic bullet for any of this. What works for one person, even if their situation is similar, may not work for you. We are all magically unique systems made up of this great soup of our DNA, environment and soul. These gorgeous individual systems require gorgeous individual roads to healing. I have an amazing example of this in my own life: I am married to an identical twin. And while their DNA and childhood (and senses of humor) are identical, they are two entirely different beings in whom this stuff called life has manifested very differently. Not better or worse. Just magically different.

The truth is, until we reconnect with our own bodies, and thus our intuition, we will follow external advice, waste lots of time and $ trying to find the right path for us. Intuition is not something only the fancy people have. We ALL have it. We are born with it. We women have an even more enhanced version because of this maternal thing we may or may not fulfill. But it’s there regardless. It gets tamped down by a lot of external forces trying to tell us who we are, and what we should be. But it never leaves us- we just stop listening.

The first step to finding ourselves is easy. Our intuition, no matter how muffled, still cries out every day for us to hear. It’s that “gut feeling,” that first impulse to step closer or further back from something/someone. You can start your own personal archeological dig to find it. Try this to begin: go into a quiet room alone, think of a chronic physical or emotional issue you have been having, take a few deep cleansing breaths, and ask yourself “What is going on here in my body or mind? Where do I feel this in my physical body” Sit quietly and comfortably. See if an answer comes into your head, or a feeling in your body. If nothing comes, don’t fret. Don’t feel silly or selfish. Keep trying. Maybe try again if something acute pops up- something present and urgent. Always ask yourself “What is going on here? How can I deal with this this best?” And then listen. Notice.

When we have begun the deep dive into reconnecting to our intuition, we can find the right path on this journey to a better quality of life. When we are listening to our intuition, we will know when something will lead us to a place of growth. When we listen to our intuition, we will know when certain paths have led us as far as they can, and it is time to try something new. Our paths are never linear, so listening to our intuition will help guide us through the winding road to mental and physical health. There are so many wonderful things out there to help us. Osteopaths, supplements, bodywork, acupuncture, psychotherapy, pharmacology, foods, meditation, yoga, etc. There are roads out of where you are now. Just be aware that the road is yours, traveled by you on your sometimes weary feet, by your magnificent, individual being. The journey to optimal health begins with you.

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